Alarko Carrier: Microsite

Alarko Carrier wanted to deliver new meanings to its “Global Climate Change” competition which has been held since 2014 and wanted to increase the awareness of global climate change in society.

Our duty was to put our social media skills in place for this global scale job. In the end, it is universal subject and we couldn’t stay indifferent

So, we gave our heart in this project.



Sticking to a single medium to increase participation and visibility was restrictive
We were inspired by nature and planted the seeds of a fresh idea.

We aimed for the photos to be voted by everyone and to make the participants interactive.
Therefore, we asked users to tag and share themed photos with the hashtag # kurdeseliklim and @alarkocarrier We used our sensibility and care we show to nature while executing our project. Thus, our project give its first sprout


What We Did

We created a microsite by blending informatics and nature, adding our creativity to it. We added all suitable photos for our theme which are shared via Instagram or Twitter to our panel and open it to be voted by people.

We did it so well and our microsite expand its reach “organically”

In short, together with Alarko we “took root” in social media.



Through our influencer @ahmet.erdem, we make our competition audience wider.

@ahmet.erdem’s competition shares made 1.870.731 access, and stories were viewed 156.335 times. With these number we reached may influencers organically.

Total participations from Instagram and Twitter were 2.765 photos. During the 45 days of competition, 14.578 unique visitors visited the competition panel.
5.700 people voted for first 50 photos.

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