Beymen: Shopping Guiding Campaign

One of Turkey’s biggest textile and fashion company Beymen, wanted to create pleased shopping environment in their stores for tourists. For that purpose, we said “Welcome Beymen” to tourists.


What We Did

To reach the shopping lovers and tourists who are interested in Beymen & Beymen products in Turkey, we have entered their mobile devices.

We showed our ads to shopping lover tourists who have just entered to Turkey and using their phones in own language, and invite them to Beymen stores.



We achieved more than 1.150.000 impression and 33.510 click. The ones who clicked the ad averagely spent 64 seconds in the web site. We had pleasure to direct access to mobile users visiting Turkey.

We gained over 1,150,000 impressions and 33,510 clicks in targeted areas. Users clicking on the ad spent an average of 64 seconds on the website. We also enjoy immediate access to mobile users visiting Turkey.

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