Greyder: Content Marketing Case Study

Greyder wanted their followers to experience the same aesthetic quality they do when browsing through influencer accounts by transforming their social media account grid from the classic brand page appearance. In the light of this request, we took action with our belief in content marketing and our influencer data base.



Creativity, storytelling and aesthetic appearance were our main focus while creating our strategy. We have made it our mission to successfully blend different creative areas and we worked with content creators who are professional in social media photography dynamics.


What We Did

We have created a series of photographs that will make the followers feel warmer and aimed for the followers to see a successful composition in every photo and to realize the story in the photos. We created a page view that establishes closeness with the followers through the photographs in which we take the product as the main role instead of the model and exhibit the product with a strong stance in this project. By using these photos on the e-commerce platform, we presented shots from life rather than standard product frames.



We observed an increase in positive comments from followers to both photos and products. We experienced the happiness of doing a successful business, seeing that the product of the new concept provides 41% more access and 82% more interaction compared to the previous periods.

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