Halkbank: Everything Is Good With My Mom

Halkbank wanted to prepare memorable Mother’s day celebration by using their commercial. Our duty was to expand the boundaries of the campaign and ensure that this celebration was watched, spoken and shared as much as possible.



We said, "Special day contents will be successful if they can touch the soul of the followers on social media." That's why we thought of alternative formulas to reach the soul and heart of our audience. Instead of sharing the emotional Mother's Day commercial with the seriousness of the “banker”, it would be more correct to spread it through Influencers that the audience found closer and more intimate to them


What We Did

We did the right ! By agreeing with 16 influencers which are appropriate for our brand, we produced specialized versions to different target groups of Halkbank commercial. We shared “ Everything is Good with You” commercial and all of its alternative version through influencers. Apart from that, we organized events in Bağdat street and Ortaköy within the campaign.



The campaign reached wide range in a short time.
With influencers, we reached 545,508 organic views and 61,295 interactions.

In total, “Everything is Good with You” commercial watched 6,413,618 times. Reached 120,288 interactions.

It was outstanding, thus it took place among the “most memorable advertisements of the year” at the end of the year.

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