We do not believe in adapting marketing into digital. We believe natively digital ideas are most interesting ones.

We create original ideas that join together digital projects with influencers. Another way we turn our authentic ideas for a diital campaign into reality is through the use of conventional media. Even utilizing the most boring medium, and turning it into something you can watch over and over again.

Instead of the “good old digital”, we use data, insights, and the tools of marketing in a hybrid fashion to make your brand stand out.

Planet of Travel

Digital marketing helps travellers close their distance in-between travel experiences. How you position your brand within this Digital Travel Transformation?

Planet of Sports

With tremendous experience is Sports Marketing, we can formalize how to engage with millions when sports is the question.

Planet of Influencers

Influencer Marketing has been one of the top rising marketing tactics of recent years. Let us show you how you can strategize it.

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Money transfer leader Western Union wanted to announce Easy Money Transfer application. We wanted to announce and spread the Western Union’s Easy Money Transfer application so that everyone can send and receive money online easily.

Our purpose was to introduce the CIP Lounge of Turkish Airlines in Istanbul to the people who have long flights which need to be transfers such as USA or Far East.

One of Turkey’s biggest textile and fashion company Beymen, wanted to create pleased shopping environment in their stores for tourists. For that purpose, we said “Welcome Beymen” to tourists.

Our aim to start this business with Turkish Airlines was to explain Istanbul through the eyes of a person who does not know enough . In order to do this, the first thing that came to our mind was the colorful streets of this city.

Turkish Airlines, the flag carrier airline of the Republic of Turkey which flies the most countries in the world wanted to introduce new routes. It even launched a promotion for those traveling on new routes. We have rolled up our sleeves to show travelers new routes that they can take with the Turkish Airlines comfort!

Greyder wanted their followers to experience the same aesthetic quality they do when browsing through influencer accounts by transforming their social media account grid from the classic brand page appearance. In the light of this request, we took action with our belief in content marketing and our influencer data base.

In the digital era, the customer path is not always straightforward and is sometimes even spiral. There are many possible combinations of touchpoints that customers may go through in their path to purchase.


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