Future of creativity needs interesting people.

Curious, unique, multidisciplinary, aware and lego-centric people come together here at GAIA to uphold this future.

If you think you are one of us, let us know! Maybe you should hop on board!

The GAIA Theory

5 personality traits that every gaia inhabitant has.

A Planet of

All of us are unique in its own way. We nurture this uniqueness, appreciate that. Because we believe this is what makes GAIA a sustainable inhabitable planet.

GAIA is not an ego-centric planet. Instead of growing our egos separately, they complete each other like lego pieces.

Curiosity is the foundation stone pf innovation and success in GAIA. Curiosity is the trait that keeps us alive.

Every GAIA Inhabitant self-develops in different verticals. We believe that the added value derives from combining different disciplines.

GAIA Inhabitants are aware of their physical and social enviroment and take action if there is any chance to improve this environment.

Let’s Grow the Planet


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