Istanbul Flow Motion: More Than a City

Our aim to start this business with Turkish Airlines was to explain Istanbul through the eyes of a person who does not know enough . In order to do this, the first thing that came to our mind was the colorful streets of this city.

Colorful trams where thousands of people travel every day, cats that make a thousand games to endear themselves on every street …

Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines


Making us feel that Istanbul is not just a destination… Even though we spent two weeks shooting a cat, Galata Tower, Grand Bazaar, Sultanahmet and the Bosphorus took their place in the film with their most beautiful colors.


What We Did

With the flow motion technique, we completed our film in a total of six months, including three months of external shooting. At the end of the project, we were able to create a perfect portrait of Istanbul. And a colorful story about Istanbul emerged.



Although it was made in 2015, it is still among the five most watched videos of Turkish Airlines. The number of views is more than ten million.

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