We live in a virtual planet now.

More than 4.5 billion people are interconnected through internet and almost 4 billion of them are on

Every day, we encounter hundreds of contents and ads. In this world, brands need truly interesting ideas.

This is where GAIA comes in. As the inhabitants of GAIA, we relish seeing the extraordinary sides of everyday world.

We define creativity as “bringing different points together in a genuine fashion”. We value curiosity and awareness both in our team and our ideas. We create experiences where brands can achieve their full potential.

Nothing valuable can be achieved alone. Everyone at GAIA knows that interesting ideas rise when “ego”s act like lego pieces, disciplines come together and minds feed each other.

So, if you need interesting ideas, let’s come together. Tell us about your brand. The space in the middle of our logo is reserved for your brand goals. Our ideas will grow to 360 degrees from there.

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