We live in a virtual planet now.

More than 4.5 billion people are interconnected through the internet and almost 4 billion of them are on social media. Every day, we encounter hundreds of contents and ads. This forces brands to have truly interesting ideas.

This is where GAIA comes in. As the inhabitants of GAIA, we relish seeing the extraordinary sides of everyday world.

We define creativity as “bringing different points together in a genuine fashion”. We value curiosity and awareness both in our team and our ideas. We create experiences where brands can achieve their full potential.

Nothing valuable can be achieved alone. Everyone at GAIA knows that interesting ideas rise when “ego”s act like lego pieces, disciplines come together and minds feed each other.

So, if you need interesting ideas, let’s come together. The space in the middle of our logo is reserved for your brand goals. Our ideas will grow to 360 degrees from there.

the GAIA approach

“In the digital era, the customer path is not always straightforward and is sometimes even spiral.” Philip Kotler said once. Well said
Philip, we agree with you. The GAIA Approach means using all channels simultaneously and dynamically; enabling them interchange
when needed flexibly.

Services we are good at

Social Media Strategies

We create strategies for Social Media Communication and execute them flawlessly in parallel to the latest trends and functions of the mediums.

Creative Project Management

Besides looking for creative solutions in everything we do, we also build digitalnative campaign ideas utilizing all possible mediums with a result-oriented approach.

Content Creation

With a dedicated Content Studio, we constantly look for innovative content types that will boost engagements and give a refreshed image for our clients on Social Media.

Influencer Marketing

We take Influencer Marketing to another level by adding creative ideas and matching the right influencer with the right brand using analytic tools.

Word of Mouth Marketing

A unique service by GAIA. We have a dedicated team working on digital word of mouth marketing tactics on global scale.


New camera techniques, new angles; we love to create from touchy to super-duper video ads from A to Z.

Digital Advertising

To know how to make everything we do more visible, we see media planning as an important asset and have a specialized and experienced team for this field.

Analytics and Reporting

Digital operations should always come with solid results. All projects and operations are monitored and analyzed by our team of experienced analysts.

Branding & Design

Our skilled designers create charming visual worlds for our clients. Both for digital and physical environments, we provide everything from branding to advertising design services.

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