Turkish Airlines : New Routes – Miami

Turkish Airlines, the flag carrier airline of the Republic of Turkey which flies the most countries in the world wanted to introduce new routes. It even launched a promotion for those traveling on new routes. We have rolled up our sleeves to show travelers new routes that they can take with the Turkish Airlines comfort!

Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines

What We Did

We reached the group of people who want the promotional ticket by targeting the people who flew to the campaigns area before or whose travel is certain. We found the people who live in the Miami,USA and demand the flight to Istanbul, Turkey by and showed our ads in the advertisement places of the Facebook Newsfeed and Right Hand Rail by using the data from a targeting which is based on these people’s previous buying habits, general interests, travel experiences and travel spendings.



In this campaign, we received more than 2 million impression by using Facebook Newsfeed and Right Hand Rail ad models. Users were 5 times more interest in Newsfeed advertisements. The highest impression were received from Istanbul and Russia.

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