Western Union : Easy Online Money Transfer

Money transfer leader Western Union wanted to announce Easy Money Transfer application. We wanted to announce and spread the Western Union’s Easy Money Transfer application so that everyone can send and receive money online easily.

Western Union
Western Union

What We Did

We used a premium inventory to reach the right people. and used people targeting to direct people to website.

During the campaign, we distributed our advertising items which we already had to different advertising groups for the our target countries such as USA, China, Bulgaria and Turkey. Then, according to feedbacks we optimized our campaign to show the right ad to right people. For this optimization, we optimized our campaign accordance to performance by using effective optimization skills of our global partner InMobi.



We reach the %14.27 CTR which was successful for the purpose of the campaign in USA, China, Bulgaria and Turkey

We executed the announcement of the Western Union’s Easy Online Money Transfer effectively and we were happy to announce that there is a way to transfer money easily.

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